• Shanghai VR Gathering

    During the next decade, if something were to radically change the media industry, VR (virtual reality) is the most likely thing. There is no doubt that the VR industry is emerging in 2016.


    How is China becoming a hub for VR? From hardware engineering to artistic experience, the whole VR industry is exploding in China and connecting to the world.

    When Shanghai International Film Festival holds its first VR Park and Summit; this gathering will celebrate the work done by SIFF; and its partnership with Switzerland and WVRF.

    Meet industry leaders, developers, designers and artists before joining the VR Summit of Shanghai International Film Festival on the 13th.

  • AGENDA for June 12th

    2pm: open access to speakers and VR demo

    4pm: presentation and Q&A

    5pm: networking (wine and food included)

    6pm: ending

  • Speakers

    Emilie JOLY

    CEO and Co-Founder of apelab Inc. 

    Chose interaction design for her Master’s degree. After graduating from the University of Arts and Design in Geneva (HEAD), she founded apelab as a studio for interactive storytelling, prototyping and experimentation with new technologies, focusing on playful and accessible experiences.

    apelab is a production studio specialized in interactive storytelling for virtual reality and mobile devices. Their focus is on creating accessible and engaging user experiences through compelling storyworlds and innovative gameplays.

    Salar SHAHNA

    Creative Director and Co-Founder of World VR Forum

    As a filmmaker, creating a sense of immersion for my audience is a daily challenge. It’s the essence of cinema. Making believe. This how the viewer begins to care. With VR I have discovered for the first time a new language that allows to go deeper in that sense. This why I decided to create the World VR Forum. To celebrate this new form of expression that humans will adopt and cherish for the years to come.


    Philosophising futurist, computer scientist & creative technologist

    What is virtual reality’s role in the future evolution of human consciousness?

    A predictive timeline of the next 50 years: The Good, The Weird and The WTF?


    Jerry Tang

    Robotics Engineer

    As a young passionate robotics engineer, Jerry is able to develop hardware and software integrated systems. He was a part of a team that introduced FIRST Robotics Competition into Western Australia. He now works on Azure Frontier, the company he created for next generation UAV development. This time, he will introduce his latest project to the audience.

    Motion sickness is common when using VR devices due to the disconnect between the motion simulated and the real-world. This problem has made it difficult to enjoy any VR related activities including gaming and 360 videos. By using a multi-axis motion seat, we're able to address this problem.

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